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RELEASE DATE: 21st June 2008
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Up The Yangtze
Up the Yangtze is an award winning documentary directed by Yung Chang. Described as “An astonishing documentary of culture clash and the erasure of history amid China’s economic miracle” by the New York Times.
This stunningly photographed and beautifully composed film, juxtaposes the poignant and sharply observed details of Yu Shui’s story, a young girl hired into a strange apocalyptic tourist trade that thrives along the river, against the monumental and ominous forces at work all around her.

The Prisoner; Or How I Tried to Kill Tony Blair
During the shooting of the award winning “Gunner Palace” Michael Tucker filmed a raid on a Baghdad house, which was suspected as being the center of a plot to kill Tony Blair. Months latter Tucker returned to these events and decided to track down the men that were taken into custody that night. What he discovered was the almost surreal story of Yunis Abbas, a freelance journalist, who was held for eight months at Abu Ghraib even after it was determined that he was neither guilty of any crime or had any useful information.
Assembled from post-jail interviews with both Abbas and a former American soldier who oversaw his detainment, Tucker and Epperlein, present a chilling black comedy of errors to create a portrait of occupation bound up in a world of contradictions, irrationality, military blunder and hapless bureaucracy.

Mr Vig, The Monastery and the Nun
This is the award-winning story about an 82-year-old bachelor Mr. Vig, who has never known love, and Sister Amvrosija, a determined young Russian nun, who enters his quiet life.
Living alone, Mr.Vig wants to donate his dilapidated Castle to the Russian Orthodox Church for use as a monastery. So now, a group of nuns have descended on his home to help his dreams come true. But, the nuns have ideas and of their own, and for Mr. Vig to realize his ambition things may have to change in ways more than he has bargained for.

Street Fight
Street Fight chronicles the bare-knuckles race for Mayor of Newark, N.J. between Cory Booker, a 32-year-old Yale Law School graduate, and Sharpe James, the four-term incumbent and undisputed champion of New Jersey politics.
The film sheds light on important questions about democracy, power as well as race. Both Booker and James are
African-American Democrats, but when the mayor accuses Booker of not being “really black” it forces voters to examine both how we define race and what is education about.
Street Fight is set in the underbelly of democracy where elections are not won with spin-doctors, or media consultants, let alone policies, are won on the streets.
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